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Monthly Archives: April 2010

On Thursday May 13 and Friday May 14, I am running a two-day workshop is intended for the “non-filmmaker,” and is set up to provide an intensive introduction to shooting motion with a Canon HDSLR. This first workshop is being put on in concert with Calumet Photographic’s New York City Store, at 22 West 22nd Street (212-989-8500.)

  The program is divided into two parts:

Part 1 will cover all the shooting fundamentals with a focus on understanding the camera set-up and equipment/accessories which can enhance the motion capture experience.  Areas that will be explored include the following:

–        Camera controls and settings

–        Batteries and memory cards Stabilization and stabilization options

–        Sound

–        On-camera Lighting

–        Essential equipment for motion capture

–        Software alternatives and basic editing considerations

–        Common shooting courtesy

Part 2 is intended to put you, the camera, the stabilizer and the other essentials together with a story or theme and provide an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in the workshop.  Areas that will be covered include:

–        The importance of a story or theme

–        Framing, composition, and movement

–        Interior and exterior lighting (made easy)

–        What you need to know about shooting stills and motion on the streets of NYC

–        Editing  considerations

Additionally, workshop participants will have an opportunity to develop a story and shoot their story with actor/models included in the workshop’s $299 cost. 

(The Canon 5D MarkII and 7D cameras will be used for demonstration purposes and attendees are encouraged to bring their cameras and memory cards and other accessories if they so choose. We will supply the models and lighting, as well as some stabilization alternatives for use.)

Handouts covering both days will be provided for you to keep.

For More information about the course and to sign up, click here.

For information about the June and July dates additional workshops contact